About us

BGS Smartcard Systems was established in 1993 in Vienna, Austria with the vision of developing and integrating smart card based offline and online financial transaction systems for local and domestic markets. Since then we have been implementing state-of-the-art payment solutions in cooperation with banks, enterprises and government authorities worldwide. Maintaining our focus on our customer’s business requirements, we are committed to continuously strengthen our innovative power to steadily increase the efficiency and security of our products. BGS Smartcard Systems Headquarters are located in the heart of Europe in Vienna, Austria. Our largest subsidiary, incorporating the main Research & Development Center, resides in Moscow, Russia. We maintain longstanding relations with local partners in many countries and strategic regions around the world, such as Uzbekistan, Oman, South America and the Gulf region.



Being one of the strongest players in innovating the financial sector within the Russian Federation in the 1990ies, we have since then built strong economic relations within this market and gained professional expertise in developing and customizing payment products for this ecosystem. This can be observed from the very first steps in the early nineties establishing a technology for business travelers to move their money across remote Russian regions, to the subsequent tremendous undertaking of building a nationwide interbank payment system in partnership with the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (Sberbank), and presently implementing Mobile Payment solutions for the Moscow public transport in partnership with the Bank of Moscow.

Our activities have since then expanded to over 30 implementations of our technology with banks and financial institutions in Russia, the CIS, the Middle East and Asia. Like the environments we operate in, our technology too has evolved such that we are now not only one of the leading providers in the offline secure smart card technology, but also successfully compete in the “online” world through our hybrid and mobile based solutions, such as our more prominent and mobile based technology with the Bank of Moscow and the solutions for Public Transportation.


Mission Statement

Our in house development capacities and the profound experience with many different applications allow us to develop end to end solutions for any financial services, with a strong focus on mobile payment solutions and securitization of trust relations between banks and their clients, but also on interbank exchange, issuing and acquiring institutions and the integration of user interfaces such as smart cards, POS terminals and smart phones. Hereby we serve as a system enabler taking over the complex task of linking the different systems and layers of multiple individual entities to facilitate the transaction flow. This function was proven by the complex interoperability requirements for governmental payments in the Sultanate of Oman. Together with Oman Arab Bank we have established an eGovernment solution that complies to the strict payment regulations of governmental and state institutions, such as ministries and the police to facilitate convenient use for all involved stakeholders.



As a solution provider in a highly innovative industry segment we will continue to dedicate a maximum of resources to research and development. The integration of web services and mobile applications may help to include billions of yet unbanked people into financial services. The vison that we had when BGS was established still continues to be valid. We will further the development and integration of offline and online financial transaction systems for local and domestic markets, offering distinctive products localized for the individual stakeholders, thus giving them the competitive edge.