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The solution is designed to fullfil modern mobile banking requirements fit to the needs of your customers. As a modular mobile banking and funds transfer payment solution it allows users to manage and perform a broad range of information and fund transfer operations. Our aim is to provide standalone and integrated wallet products and features that cater for the widest possible spectrum of financial services, enabling
institutions to enter this market segment whilst breaking down the traditional barriers to entry. 


BGS mobile engine

Based on 25 years of experience in banking technology with a focus on smartcard payment systems, with both national scale and local smartisland implementations, interpreting and understanding the trends within the industry is critical. A focal theme in our research and development has been that our offering be both technologically as well as commercially relevant. The question of if and when plastic cards will replace cash has now undoubtedly shifted to the question when mobile handsets will replace not only cash but also plastic cards.


The core of BGS Wallet is its secure and flexible application host based on our proven card payment system. It is the backend engine enabling the various functionalities and channels in combination with the mobile device as the frontend. It can be utilized as a standalone card management and accounting system or just as the smart middleware to the existing backend systems within the respective environment.

Smart Connectivity Agent

Its innovative Smart Connectivity Agent ensures the quick and seamless utilization of the transaction protocol most appropriate to the service that is executed. This can be NFC, Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy. understanding that technological limitations have a direct effect on service and product adoption with consumers, the Smart Connectivity approach allows for the utilization of the available and therefore most suitable communication channel in order to process a transaction.


For a further information about our solutions for mobile payment please

refer to our product brochure "BGS wallet"




Smart Connectivity Agent





Mobile payments are growing in new and exciting directions, yet some of their earliest forms are still prevalent. The use of QR codes is still convenient, effective and hugely popular across a wide range of sectors. They simplify much of the technology necessary to get started. The QR code can contain payment information such as card or account details, as well as contain transaction specific information relevant to the stakeholders of the transaction (merchant, consumer, financial institution, service provider).



QR payment phoneBGS offers QR-n-pay both as a standalone payment tool as well as an enhancement to existing schemes, making a wide array of possible applications and use cases possible. It is a simple, cost effective and an immediate way to connect merchants to modern cashless payment channels. Depending on the scale of the business even the smartphone of the merchant can be turned into a POS.


Closed-loop payment system


QR-n-pay in its stand-alone form has been conceived as a closed-loop payment ecosystem, with all transactions and flows under constant control of the operator. This ensures independence of international payment schemes and helps to maximize the revenue stream within the organization. No physical cards need to be issued since QR-n-pay can be linked to any funding account on the backend.

QR-n-pay is a multipurpose application that offers a secure and convenient cashless payment method to merchants and customers with minimal technological requirements. It allows for various use cases. It can be used as an instore solution, as well as for a quick checkout from web shops. It simplifies bill payment and helps to reduce erroneous transactions, due to the full encapsulation of the transaction details within the code.





Click-n-payClick-n-pay online payment



Internet fraud particularly surrounding online payment transactions has been a growing problem. The prevalent approach of entering personal payment information such asa credit card number into an insecure space, such as the internet, has been the source of risk and subsequent fraud. Anytime a consumer is asked to enter his account or card information it becomes open to fraud. Click-n-pay utilizes the sophisticated and secure features of the BGS Wallet host to offer consumers a convenient and secure way to pay on the internet.



For a further information about our solutions for mobile payment please

refer to our product brochure

"BGS Mobile Payment Solutions"

"BGS wallet"

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